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How to configure and run your own Firefox Sync server

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Short reminder to myself (because it's not the first time I waste my time googling for the answer):

  1. Install your own instance of Firefox Sync server (can be: ownCloud Mozilla Sync app, the minimal FSync on a Synology NAS, or the official Mozilla Sync Server)
  2. If not already done, create a firefox account (
  3. Configure your own instance of Sync server to match your firefox account email address. For ownCloud, this is via your profile "Personal" options.
  4. To configure Firefox Desktop, go to about:config in location bar, and edit "services.sync.tokenServerURI" key to match your server URL.
  5. To configure Firefox for Android, see the blog post How to connect Firefox for Android to self-hosted Firefox Account and Firefox Sync servers.
  6. Configure Sync "the normal" way: